Love Poems For Her
07.02.2016 / 15.25 pm
by Poems for her by ~*ErYkUh*~
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As I look into her eyes,
I can tell that they've been crying...
for she looks so sad and lonely,
its almost like shes dying.
They have this sadness in them
that no one else can see...
the sorrow that they bare,
the look inside them senses misery.
but I wonder how it happened,
How did she let the pain get so deep...
and let herself to fall this low,
so low that all she does today is weep.
Those tears that run right down her face
seem to be there to stay...
and even though shes still young,
she knows they will never go away.
So all that she can do is just keep falling
and let the pain keep getting bigger
As I drop my head and walk away
from that sad, sad mirror.

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