Love Poems For Her
28.11.2015 / 19.31 pm

Love Poems For Her

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A helpless girl...
Theres a story as you can see
It comes from a lonely girl inside of me
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How to tell her
Everyday love increases....
My feeling goes over my heart ceilings...
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Girl this is for you!
When you hurt,
I hurt too,
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Her Eyes
As I look into her eyes,
I can tell that they've been crying...
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I am the girl
I am the girl
the girl that destroys ever relationship
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A Psychologist, To Her Superior
It's a simple case of a little girl, trapped.
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Invisible girl
A girl alone
A girl around people who dont see her or notice her
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i met you through the Internet,
Your poems similar to mine,
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The Dying Tale of a Sad Girl
The girl not known
Her differences in fears
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All I Ever Want Is Her
Whats a vision..
Hold on tight..
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The girl within my heart
Your beautiful face i hold within my heart as i remember those times i have spent wondering if i would ever end up with you someday and why life is as painful as it is and why my heart is as blind as the night skies over desert hills
as i continue searching for that specail thing that may someday win your heart is my life long dream of a beautiful relationship of us living together in peaceful serenity is the reason for why i continue my search for the key that would somehow unlock the doors to your heart and somehow find a way in which i can prove to you how much i care and would help you understand how much my heart beats for you in musical rythmns you may never believe how strongly they play their harmonies of loving melody and honer
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She says im not her sister any more
My sis and me got in a fight
now were not sisters any more
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The Note To Her Family and Friends
Dear Everyone,
I'm sure as you are reading this I'll be gone. I know your probably thinking that you knew I wasn't the kind of person to do this but you obviously didn't know the real me. The person behind all the smile's and laughs. If you could see behind that mask you would have seen the real me and noticed all the abuse and pain that I suffered. But every day as usual no one ever payed any attention to me. Just thought I was just so perfect and nothing was ever wrong with me. But you were all wrong if you would have looked at my wrist under those long sleeves maybe you could have helped me before it was to late. But those blade's felt so good against my wrist that I forgot about all my pains and problems. So I don't think it would have mattered if you knew about it anyway. It just felt so good cause it was so wrong. So I'm sorry but I have to end this letter and end all my suffering I'm Sorry. Good-Bye.
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The girl
I want to be the girl hes scard to lose.
the one he cant walk away from knowing im mad at him
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Too deep for a girl of my age
He was crippled
But only his body was cracked
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